1) To become a member of this VA the candidate accepts all the rules listed in this Regulation.

2) Claims to be a member of IVAO or VATSIM and have at least 10 hours of connection.

Free membership is contrary to all the other activities as enthusiastic.

3) Through your use of this website, the candidate, will not post any material which is false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person’s privacy, adult material, or otherwise in violation of any International law. You also agree not to post any copyrighted material unless you own the copyright or you have written consent from the owner of the copyrighted material. Spam, flooding, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are also forbidden on this website forum.

4) AeroClub L’Aquila Virtual is twinned with the AeroClub L’Aquila and we share the spirit, the passion for flying and the organization. Our virtual pilots also are member of AeroClub L’Aquila. We have established a relationship and synergetic collaboration, to promote aeronautical culture.

1. The objectives of the VA are to spread the knowledge using flight simulation as a low cost training system. We therefore strongly believe that the difference between playful flight simulation and real flight to instructional doesn’t exist. We follow the rules and procedures in all phases of flight simulation as real as it gets.

2. Regarding paragraph 1 above, pilots or members belonging Aero Virtual L’Aquila, accept a constant monitoring of their online activities by the staff in order to establish a solid training, which leads him to reach the level necessary to simulate in the best possible way to combine the playful aspect with training, as training real gets.

5) Ranking:

  • Member: Anyone after registration in this website not able to proceed solo and needs training by our instructors. After a training period, the pilot will be cleared to proceed solo. Is not possible to fly ALA without a permission. Member have 6 month to became Student Pilot instead to be removed from the roster.
  • Student Pilot: Upon your registration on this website and if able to proceed solo. You can fly only in VFR all SEP within Italian national borders (single engine piston: C152, C172, PA28, etc.) with fixed pitch propeller, no retractable gear aircraft and join in the reserved tours. No pireps will be accepted using an aircraft not suitable whit your rank.
  • Pilot: At least 50 hours on IVAO approved or flown ALA and interview u can fly with all not jet aircraft and join in the reserved tour, IFR is allowed. No pireps will be accepted using an aircraft not suitable whit your rank.
  • Second Officer: At least 200 hours on IVAO approved or flown ALA and interview, no aircraft limitations.
  • First Officer: At least 300 hours on IVAO approved or flown ALA, PP on IVAO or VATSIM or equivalent in real, no aircraft limitations.
  • Captain: At least 600 hours on IVAO approved or flown ALA, SPP on IVAO or VATSIM or equivalent in real, no aircraft limitations.
  • Airline Captain: At least 1000 hours on IVAO approved or flown ALA, CP on IVAO or VATSIM or equivalent in real, no aircraft limitations.

Starting career hours will be your current IVAO hours flown.

Additional hours after your subscription will be added only sending PIREPS and fly with ALA callsign.

6) Training

This VA is based on the sharing knowledge so anyone can support the others.


-Using the forum

-Requesting lessons from the major raking pilots

7) Controllers

Anyone who intend to control this VA should indicate it during the registration. The member will by included in the mailing list for specific events and also in the ATC roster.

8) It’s mandatory to use skype and also indicate your skype name during registration according to “the sharing knowledge” between pilots and atc.

9) The virtual airline Aeroclub L’Aquila Virtual is a non-profit organization and is absolutely free.

10) This regulation is may be changed without notice by the staff.

11) All the material on this site is the property of Aeroclub L’Aquila Virtual and is protected by copyright.

12) Pilots have to send at least one pirep every 3 months. Who not follow this rule will be deleted from VA and from the pilots rooster. Every pilots can join again 3 times and not more.

13) All pilots can choose a call-sign like ALAXXX where XXX are the numbers pilots can choose.

14) Multiple identities are forbidden.

15) ATC and pilots have to simulate as real as it get.

16) The VA call-sign is “GoldenEye”.

17) In order to become part of the VA must be at least eighteen years of age and is free entry for all other activities.

18) Is mandatory to compile the PIREP after every flight using the FOC Flight Operation Centre.

19) The registration and its membership is completely free.

20) Is mandatory for new members (except for supporting members) to do the first flight within 1 month from the subscription. Ratings listed above are only an indication for the amount hours flew on IVAO. The staff after the interview reserves the opportunity to assign a different rating according to your skills.

21) The club reserves the right of a small conversation on skype after the subscription to assign rightly your rating.

22) All flights must be done online in IVAO or VATSIM.

23) Members who fly a not suitable aircraft by him rating will be suspended or ejected from the club. The decision is at the discretion of the board of directors.

24) It’s possible to perform any flight with aircrafts not listed in the fleet unless otherwise specified.

25) Is not possible to use the VA’s resources for not compatible ratings or for purposes.

26) In order to distinguish most active users, those are most active in club’s life and activities, completing quests and tanking part in club’s events, they will be awarded with the symbol of a Wing.

Wing awards are given to worthy pilots reaching:

– 500 Silver Wing

– 2500 Silver Wing with star

– 5000 Gold Wing;

-10000 Gold Wing with star.

The Wing defines the pilot presence during club’s activities. Each pilot can have only one Wing that grows during pilot career, untill reaching the maximum expression with 10000 points.